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Introducing the 70Mai 4K Driving Recorder A810 with Sony IMX678 Sensor

Introducing the 70Mai 4K Driving Recorder A810 with Sony IMX678 Sensor

Launch of the 70Mai 4K Driving Recorder A810 with a Sony IMX678 sensor and enhanced night vision is scheduled for May. Get Ready for the Launch of the 70Mai 4K Driving Recorder A810.

70mai, a company known for its innovative driving recorders, is set to release a new model called the A810. This device is expected to have a unique feature that sets it apart from other driving recorders on the market. The company has already made waves with its Dash Cam Omni, which was recently announced for the North American market after a successful Kickstarter campaign. With the upcoming release of the A810, 70mai is sure to continue its reputation for cutting-edge technology in the driving recorder industry.

70Mai 4K Driving Recorder A810

The upcoming 70mai 4K driving recorder A810 is set to revolutionize the industry with its use of the Sony IMX678 sensor, as revealed in a recent teaser. This sensor is a major upgrade from the previous flagship IMX415 sensor, boasting a larger target surface chip and increased photosensitive area. As a result, the A810 is expected to offer superior night vision capabilities, making it a top choice for drivers who prioritize safety on the road.

70Mai 4K Driving Recorder A810             70Mai 4K Driving Recorder A810

Sony's IMX678 Super Flagship Image Transducer The 1 / 1.8 ′′ big target chip used by the new Sony IMX678 image sensor is 38% larger and 90% more sensitive than the previous flagship IMX415 chip size, which will greatly enhance the night vision picture effect.

70mai driving recorder A810

Image Sensing Technology from Sony A device called STARVIS2 was created from STARVIS to enable a wider dynamic range. The shooting efficacy in the cases of arctic night, low light, light and dark alternation, and high-speed motion has been significantly improved. Noise suppression, near-infrared light absorption rate, and high dynamic range have also been updated.


In May, the 70mai 4K driving camera A810 will be readily available, and the market is anticipated to welcome it with open arms.


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