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Enjoy the journey as much as the destination with Dash cameras

Enjoy the journey as much as the destination with Dash cameras

The ex-Tibetan region, now a high altitude range in Nepal, Lo Monthang, stands tall at 3840m with its bumpy roads, terrorizing and mesmerizing travellers alike. Upper Mustang is one of the places that travellers visit every year, even though there is a warning to keep travelling via road as the last resort.

Generally, only 4*4 SUVs and Jumbo vehicles are the ones that are allowed to travel in these areas. Around 10 such cars participated in the Upper Mustang expedition from India. 2 cars, Fortuner and Endeavor, from Tamil Nadu, participated in the same.

While riding through one of the most scenic views, dash cameras are the best friends for any rider. Instead of dodging between enjoying the journey and recording it for later, let dash cameras do the job and live the journey. That’s what those riders did from Jomsom to Upper Mustang this year. was a proud sponsor for everyone in that group of adventure-seeking riders.




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