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Indepth guide to mirror dash cams

An In-depth Guide to Mirror Dash Cams

Mirror dash cams are a must-have for drivers looking to upgrade their car's technology. From a reverse camera option for parking, to the ability to record road safety incidents, find out all about the features and benefits of installing a mirror dash cam in your vehicle.

What is a Mirror Dash Cam?

A mirror dash cam is a device that attaches to the rear-view mirror of a car to provide drivers with a broad array of safety and convenience features. It allows drivers to record their driving, provide protection from potential insurance claims from other drivers, and have access to reverse-parking assistance and lane guidance systems while on the road. Additionally, it provides users with access to important navigational information such as current weather conditions and traffic congestion reports.

How Does a Mirror Dash Cam Work?

A mirror dash cam works by connecting to the car’s wiring system and attaching to the rear-view mirror. It is typically powered with a 12-volt connection, enabling it to draw energy from the car’s battery. This allows it to be constantly monitoring video from the rear-view camera as well as other sensors that can detect motion both inside and outside of the vehicle. A built-in GPS receiver also provides users with real-time navigational information about their current location. The construction provides for easy installation, often requiring only minutes for set-up on most vehicles.

Advantages and Benefits of a Mirror Dash Cam.

Mirror dash cams provide several advantages and benefits for drivers, including faster reaction times in the event of an accident, a wider view angle that can be adjusted based on what’s around them, increased safety due to limited blind spots, peace of mind from being constantly aware of the surroundings and a lot more. Additionally, some mirrored dash cams are enhanced with features such as night vision capabilities, automated collision avoidance technology, and others that come in handy for any driver.

Key Features to Consider when buying a Mirror Dash Cam. 

When looking to purchase a mirror dash cam it is important to consider its key features. You should look for one with a wide field of view and adjustable angle, so you can get the best possible picture of your surroundings, as well as one with clear night vision capability so you’ll be able to drive even on dark roads. It is also important that you make sure it has automated collision avoidance technology and reverse gear assistance functions, both very useful in preventing accidents and keeping our roads safe. Finally, make sure your mirror dash cam also has an efficient battery life and is easy to install.

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